Without the Beeching report there might not have been Brexit
The reshaping of the railways left deep scars, with towns and villages isolated, and London all-important
The Guardian 6th October 2019
Hunstanton rail campaigners welcome county study plan, but warn action needed soon on ‘connection crisis’
Officials at County Hall are set to commission a study looking at the potential viability of re-opening the line, 50 years after it closed
Lynn News 16th September 2019
Boost for bid to revive railway link after over half a century
The prospect of restoring Hunstanton’s rail link has been handed a boost, with NCC set to explore whether it would be viable to re-open it
EDP 13th September 2019
Surely some of that HS2 money could be better spent right here?
At a time when the Government is spending billions of pounds on preparations for a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which may never happen, it was refreshing to learn that it is to launch a review of High Speed 2, which also may never happen
Lynn News 27th August 2019
King’s Lynn to Hunstanton Reopening Campaign
The railway was closed in 1969 — not as a result of the Beeching Report but mainly because of a litany of British Rail cutbacks that took no account of the needs of isolated coastal resorts
RailFuture 7th June 2019
Portishead Line to Reopen
After a long hard campaign by Railfuture and affiliated groups, the government has stumped up the extra £32m needed to reopen the railway line to Portishead
RailFuture 17th April 2019
UK Government announces support for feasibility study into Borders Railway extension
The UK Government has announced its backing for a feasibility study into an extension of the Borders Railway
Railway Technology Magazine 1st April 2019
£300m traffic jam-busting scheme made journeys longer, Highways England admitsA £317m project designed to tackle bottlenecks has actually made traffic jams worse on dozens of major roads, a government-owned company has admitted
Independent 7th April 2019
Reopening rail line ‘vital’ for Hunstanton
Hunstanton’s rail link must be restored to ensure the town’s future prosperity, a meeting heard
EDP 13th March 2019
Coastal footpath needs to be considered with Greenways
There is an ongoing consultation on Norfolk Greenways which involves the future of disused railway tracks across Norfolk
Lynn News 5th February 2019
Time to reconnect Hunstanton to the national rail network
Hunstanton provides work in retail and tourism but the tendency for younger people to move away, or commute, tends to be the normal practise
Lynn News 2nd October 2018
Civic Society Heritage Open Days a reminder of what has been lost
Hunstanton and District Civic Society organised two Heritage Open Days this month
Lynn News 18th September 2018
Restoration of the railway line to Hunstanton is 21st-century must
It should be apparent to most local people that Henry le Strange’s greatest gift to Hunstanton was the railway line from King’s Lynn to Hunstanton, which opened in October 1862, and closed in May 1969
Lynn News 11th September 2018
An interview with Sir Henry Bellingham MP
If we can build HS2 at a cost of £70 billion, and rising, and we can’t do something with the K.L to Hunstanton line then there is something very wrong
Hunstanton Town & Around July 2018
Initiative on the right track with MP’s support
The King’s Lynn Hunstanton Railway received a welcome boost when North-West MP Henry Bellingham showed his full support for the initiative
Lynn News 6th March 2018